About the Town Hall


Can you hear the echoes of applause from year’s past? A gift from John E. Calhoun in memory of his father and brother, its original design included space for the town library and a theatre with a stage, balcony, dressing rooms, creaking wooden seats, and a grand piano. Take note of the chestnut door to the right of the stairs in the front hall. This was the ticket office window.


Community members presented plays in the 30’s and 40’s. Elementary school graduations were held before the Consolidated School was built. More recently, young people have put on summer plays and our stage hosted Marvelwood School’s annual productions. 


Eventually, the space was needed to meet other town needs. The stage itself was closed off and used for First Selectman’s office. When the town offices were renovated and the new library was finished, books were moved and the First Selectman came off the stage and into the room that was originally the library. The stage was reopened to welcome a new era of community theater.


About the Town Hall Players


In 2002, the group that was to become the Town Hall Players performed Our Town. In 2004 the company officially moved to the Town Hall with its production of The Dining Room. Since then, THP has offered dramatic presentations including Arsenic and Old Lace, Jeeves and the Stolen Venus, The Unexpected Guest, Etruscans and Other Lovers, and Midsummer Night’s Dream.


After a hiatus of 7 years, The Town Hall Players has been excited to bring community theatre back to Cornwall, and return the use of the theatre to its original purpose. In March 2018 the first season hosted an Open Mic and potluck supper. That fall, the Players presented Visiting Mr. Green, a play by Jeff Baron. And in March of this year the group performed Vintage Hitchcock; Two One-Act Radio Plays.